Transform your Conservatory with a Guardian Warm Roof.

Get extra living space by replacing your tired old Conservatory roof. Benefit from a comfortable new room that you can use all year round.

One of the best conservatory roof replacement options currently available, a tiled conservatory roof can transform the look and feel of a conservatory. Constructed from lightweight, hardwearing tiles and expertly designed to maximise the amount of insulation, they’re a wonderful addition to any conservatory.

A Guardian Warm roof upgrade is suitable for any type of property and for new or existing conservatories. Try our Free instant online Guardian Warm Roof Quote System below.

Although they are technically classed as a conservatory roof, a conservatory with a tiled roof feels considerably more like an extension. Their stylish tiles resemble those fitted on the roofs of most UK homes, plus the interior ceiling is plastered, meaning a Guardian Roof looks and feel a lot like another room in the house.

Our team who are all Certified Guardian Installation Experts are also able to install them on new or existing conservatories. If you’ve got an old conservatory roof that is making the area too cold or too loud for your liking, one of our Guardian tiled roofs could be an ideal solution to get you using your conservatory again.

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    Ultra Energy Efficient

    Guardian warm roofs attain U-Values of 0.18 W/m2k, meaning they are one of the highest performing conservatory roofs for thermal efficiency.

    10-Year Guarantee

    Any installations from Guardian come with a full 10-year guarantee, which is included in the price.

    Various Finishes

    The tiling comes in a selection of different colours, allowing you to seamlessly blend in or contrast with your existing property. Take a look at the Guardian Roof Tile and Slate here. Guardian Roof Official Installation Experts


    A low maintenance, high-performance Conservatory roofing solution

    Because of their fantastic insulation qualities, tiled conservatory roofs ensure a conservatory is able to keep a comfortable temperature right the year round. Plus, you’ll be able to knock considerable amounts off the cost to heat or cool your conservatory, especially if you’re replacing an old glass or polycarbonate roof. Unlike these types of roof, you’ll also be unable to hear the sound of rain falling upon them, leading to a more peaceful environment.

    One of the downsides of glass roofs is that they will need cleaning from time to time in order to look their best. Tiled roofs, on the other hand, require virtually no maintenance. The lightweight tiles are also extremely durable and can easily last for 50 years or longer. Additionally, the risk of your furniture fading from extensive exposure to the sun is considerably limited with a tiled roof, as they’ll limit the amount of UV rays making their way inside your conservatory. Don’t be fooled by claims of similar insulation or roof quality when adding, heavy wooden frames or film or even tinfoil hidden with plastic to the inside of your conservatory roof. Take a look at the Guardian Warm roof in more detail here or more about the tiles here.

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