Innovating roof lanterns in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire & Beyond

A stylish roofing solution suitable for a variety of areas, our roof lanterns are available in various styles and sizes to suit the requirements of your home. Build from strong aluminium that allows for a clean, slender appearance, our lantern roofs possess plenty of visual appeal. But not only that, they’re loaded with practical benefits to.

Contemporary designs adaptable to all homes

Roof lanterns find their place atop orangeries and other flat roof structures, including extensions. The perfect solution for creating beautifully lit areas that will always feel spacious, their stylish, contemporary designs provide the added bonus of a focal point that will easily become the focus of where they are fitted. Because they’ve been constructed with thermal efficiency in mind too, they’ll ensure any areas will always feel comfortable. Here at Guardian, we can fit them to a new structure or use them to replace existing lantern roofs.

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Hugely Energy Efficient

Roof lanterns from Guardian can be up to 65% more thermally efficient than conventional aluminium roof systems.

10-Year Guarantee

Any roof lantern that we install comes with a full 10-year guarantee, which is included in the price.

2 Colour Options

The exterior of our lantern roofs can be finished in either Crisp White or Anthracite Grey. Plus, the internal finish is available in either white or grey.

Astonishing style coupled with incredible strength and extraordinary efficiency

The framing of our roof lanterns is constructed from high-grade, exceptionally durable and incredibly strong aluminium. This means the lanterns are built to last and easily able to withstand severe wind and rain. Compared to other aluminium roof systems, ours also feature a ridge that is 66% smaller. The result of this is even slimmer sightlines, meaning your home is able to enjoy a larger influx of sunlight. Minimising the framework also adds to the beauty of the architecture, ensuring they always look sleek and never clunky.

On its own however, aluminium isn’t a particularly good conductor of heat. To rectify this, polyamide thermal breaks that are 533 times more thermally efficient than aluminium are fitted. This increases the roof’s ability to heat retain heat tremendously, allowing spaces that are nice and warm in the winter and cool in the summer to be created. Additionally, this will also reduce the required spend on energy to heat up any locations where a roof lantern is fitted.

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Superior Glazing

The glass section of our lantern roofs is fitted with energy efficient 24mm double glazing from Saint Gobain or Celsius. However, we are able to fit alternative types of glass, such as low-emissivity glass or self-cleaning glass, which reduces the frequency of cleans.

Black uPVC roof lantern

Quick to Install

Our roof lanterns have been designed with ease of installation in mind, meaning our expert team will is able to minimise the amount of time spent working on your home. This will severely limit the disruption caused to your everyday life.

Black roof lantern uPVC close up

Roof Options

Choose from either a 2-way, 3-way or contemporary design. The contemporary design provides support to the ridge solely via the hip rafters and unlike the other two designs, it features no rafters on either side, creating a minimalistic look.