For many people it’s the same issue, they love their conservatory but it’s either too hot, too cold or too noisy. Most of the issues are down to one element, the roof. So by replacing the glass or polycarbonate roof with a stylish Guardian™ tiled roof you don’t just improve the appearance, you now have a fully insulated soundproofed roof that is exactly what you always wanted. Nice and airy inside substantial and impressive on the outside.

Our Guardian Warm Roofs – Tiled Conservatory roofs have high-grade performance insulation that achieves a superior U-value of only 0.18 W/m.K (England & Wales) and 0.15 W/m.K (Scotland). Every Guardian Warm Roof is engineered precisely to your specific measurements and is pre-assembled under controlled factory conditions to ensure the highest quality before it is delivered to your home and professionally installed, all adding to its energy efficiency.

A solid, tiled Guardian Warm Roof can easily replace a glass or polycarbonate roof meaning you do not have the expenditure of pulling down your old conservatory and constructing a new one.

As long as their conservatory structure is sound its roof can be easily and quickly replaced with a modern, contemporary, and lightweight Guardian Warm Roof at a much lower cost than you may think.

✅ Cool in Summer Cosy in the Winter. ❄️🔥
🏆 10 Years Guaranteed and Fully Insured
🏡 LABC and LABSS approved
♻️ Reduced fuel bills
💷 Increased house value
🏅 Achieves a U-Value of 0.8
🌈 Reduces rain noise and sun glare
⏩ Fitted in just a few days
👏 Complete new lightweight roof system
🎁 Factory-direct pricing
😍 Contact-free secure installation

Many roof systems use timber, which weighs significantly more, putting additional stress on the existing conservatory walls. Timber is also prone to shrinkage and is often cut to size on-site, unlike the Guardian Roof structural frame which is manufactured and pre-assembled under quality controlled factory conditions. Please have a look at out video here or get in touch so we can speak to one of our customer care team.

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