A popular choice with homeowners for years, patio doors are a practical and stylish way for smoothly moving between different areas of your home. Manufactured from high quality uPVC profiles, they are opened by sliding them to one side. Choosing whether they open to the left or the right is up to you and so is the number of door panels in use.

Flood your home with light, air and space regardless of its age or style

Because patio doors slide to either the left or right instead of opening inwards or outwards, they are a fantastic way to add light and air to a property without taking up excessive amounts of space. With a design that consists mostly of glass, they also allow you to fully appreciate exterior views. Yet because they’re extremely thermally efficient, you’ll be able to appreciate the outside from within the comfort of a warm home. A highly versatile door solution, sliding patio doors can be configured to suit any type of property.

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Highly Energy Efficient

Our patio doors come with 28 mm argon gas filled glass giving you the highest performing sliding patio door on the market.

Incredibly Secure

Fitted with the latest multi-point locks and a built in ‘anti-jacking’ system, they’ll secure your home from unwanted entrances.

Various Finishes

With over 28 colours and finishes to choose from, ranging from subtle to striking shades, you can achieve the ideal appearance for your home.

An abundance of performance benefits boosted by stunning aesthetics

Finely constructed with performance in mind, patio doors from Guardian provide homeowners with an impressive variety of practical features. Multi-chambered profiles make it even more difficult for heat to escape through naturally insulating uPVC, which has an overwhelmingly positive impact on energy costs and keeps homes warm and comfortable. However, uPVC is also exceptionally durable and low maintenance, ensuring the doors will last for years to come with only the slightest amount of upkeep.

Although performance is certainly the forte of our patio doors, they do not lag behind in terms of style. Slender, beautifully finished uPVC framing and pristine glass ensures they’ll provide a very welcome boost to a property’s visual appeal.

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patio door interior

Various Configurations

Choose from either 2,3 or 4 panes for your patio doors, which are available in a variety of sizes. This will allow you to tailor them to your exact size and style requirements. How they open, whether to the left or the right, is also up to you.

Sliding patio door interior

’Anti-jacking’ System

An ‘anti-jacking’ system is utilised by our patio doors. This ensures that they are unable to be lifted up from the outside, a method commonly employed by burglars to gain entry to homes. Therefore, your home will be extra secure from intrusion.

White uPVC patio door

Superior Glazing

Our patio doors are fitted with double glazing from esteemed manufactures Saint-Gobain or Celsius. Both manufacturers are renowned for their energy efficient glass, although various other glass types are available, including self-cleaning and decorative glass.